Boodapug was founded in 2009 by a pair of pug- lovin’ individuals who thought the world might be a better place if more people shared their passion, specifically on a T–shirt or maybe collectible coffee mug. (Hey, it worked for Hello Kitty.) After countless hours studying the pug form, drawing costumed cuties, and learning how to build a website (or two), Boodapug was born.


The Boodapug team is: Sue (webmaster and blogger) and Rob (designer and writer), along with our pug Chloe (motivator and supporter). You can check out our website and find additional contact info at the link below.


It is important to us that we appropriately credit photos and artwork on this blog. However, sometimes, with all the reblogging on Tumblr, something will slip by. If you see your photo without correct credit, please contact us via "Ask" or via email at our website (see above). Provide credit info and a link to the original posting site and we will update our post (or remove it, at your request).


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The Boodapug Tumblr turned 3 today! I feel so old…

Snackies! #chloe #pugs #cheerios


last day at the office >:

love me some upside-down pug =D



Holy Crap! Homer Jay has the best beds! (and now I really want pepperoni pizza…) 

(via thecheerypug)


Uhm, hi, you’re home early…

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OH HAI. Pug and other pooch (not sure!) with Steph on the Victoria line, London Underground.

"Oi!  You takin’ a pick’chah?  How ‘bout I bash yer rotten head in, bloke?!"

Pug does look tough. ;)

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This made me cry, I love my dog


Mom is super-glad this is now in Tumblr form. FOREVER REBLOG

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. I live such a sheltered life. (Chloe doesn’t do most of these things but I can still relate.)


Somebody did not want me to go to work today! Hmm looks like it’s time for a nail trim too.

How can you resist that face?! <3


Pug with mums and confessions (by wombatarama)

and snaggletoorh

Rose is looking a little judgmental. ;)

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Does your pug randomly run around with a flat tail sometimes?
boodapug boodapug Said:

Hi! I hope this question wasn’t sitting in my inbox for weeks. I am just seeing it now!

Yes, Chloe often has a droopy tail. More now that she is older than when she was young. Her tail uncurls if she’s unsure about something (a little stressed) or sometimes if she’s just relaxed.

Although (to take your question literally), I do notice when she does actually runs these days, her tail does tend to curl up. It’s mostly when she’s just standing around that is uncurls.